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discreet noise
02 February 2011 @ 05:15 pm
Hello there! It's been a while. :) 
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discreet noise
08 July 2010 @ 06:15 pm

So, why does it feels like I've been out of the living and in with the dead for such a long time here in Livejournal? Because I left a year ago and now, I'm coming back.

Everything feels new in here, probably because I'm so used in posting entry in Tumblr that I completely forgot what it actually looks and feels like to post here. Gosh, I missed everything about Livejournal. It's like coming back with a time machine and finally coming back home. This was the place where I talked about animes, rant about my stupid ex-crushes, posted some of the ridiculous things on Earth and colored manga pages that took me years to finish. I guess this is a new start for me and my Livejournal. I missed everything. And I missed myself when I was sixteen, young and addicted to whatever's not harmful and happy with my life.

I'm happy. Really happy. Let's get back to the business, baby. ;)
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discreet noise
23 August 2009 @ 10:03 am
I don't know but I missed LJ. :D And since I'm up for photo blah blah, I'll post some photos of the dishes we made for the past few weeks. These are some sauces and soups we made. :) And we all passed, cool isn't it? I'll post some more when I have time.

Food! :DCollapse )
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discreet noise
08 August 2009 @ 08:13 am

I'm moving on.
But don't worry, I'll still post blog entries here. Please do re-link if you want. Thank you. :)

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01 August 2009 @ 06:36 pm

Soooo, a month and a half wasn't so bad to be suddenly gone, right? And I'm definitely enjoying every moment in my freshman year in college as a Culinary Arts student. I passed my two prelims and hopefully, would be passing my third and final prelim for the first semester. A lot has happened for my whole two months in my college. Lots of laughter, food, money wasted and houses that have gone through. I don't feel like narrating stories of my life so, I want to hear yours.

How are you? :)

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